Saturday, May 9, 2009

Edmund Bertram’s Diary by Amanda Grange

Fanny Price is ten years old when she comes to live at Mansfield Park. Edmund, drawn to her gentleness and kind ways, is soon one of her closest friends. Much time passes, and everyone grows up. When the Crawford siblings come to town Edmund is drawn Mary’s charming personality. But then he sees that maybe Mary is not the person he had thought she was. With his heart hurt and his mind confused, he turns to the person he has always trusted, Fanny.

The beginning of this book was a rough, and I think it moved way too fast. In the first 66 pages seven years are covered. I felt as if I just got dropped in to visit one scene that’s pretty vital to the storyline, then got whisked away to another before being able to relax. When it did finally slow down, I’d say it was okay, but considering that it was a diary, I would have liked to see more of Edmund’s thoughts rather than just conversation.

Also, I’m afraid I didn’t like the cover very much from this edition. I know that the man is Edmund, but I’m not entirely sure whether the girl is supposed to be Mary or Fanny. To me, she looks like Mary, but it would make more sense if she was Fanny. If she is Fanny, she doesn't seem to be as delicate as I've always pictured her. However, it could be that it's just me.

Despite the books flaws, there were some good points as well. Tom was most definitely my favorite character in the book. He’s so full of life and excitement. You never know what’s going to happen to him next. Also, Aunt Norris’ behavior makes her the kind of character that I love to hate; so (hopefully) unknowingly selfish and arrogant.

Overall, this book wasn’t what I was looking for, but who knows? You might enjoy it!

My rating- 2/5 stars

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