Thursday, May 28, 2009

Heartbreak River by Tricia Mills

From Goodreads: Alex thought she'd be spending the summer focused on her family's rafting business, burying the memories of her father's death last year, and leaving behind all the messes she made in its wake.

But when Sean returns to town, she is forced to reckon with her mixed-up crushy feelings for him - more powerful than ever before. It takes another tragedy to make Alex realize Sean has loved her, and forgiven her, all along.

The characters in this book where by far my favorite part. I occasionally wanted to throttle them, but I enjoyed the way everyone interacted with each other. At first, I thought most of the teen characters were a bit over reactive. However, once I started thinking about it that was probably very realistic!

The plot was interesting and moved quickly. The ending was somewhat surprising. I definitely wasn't expecting another tragedy at the end. I was more surprised at my feelings at the ending than the ending itself. Alex was really happy in the end, although the future still loomed unsteadily before her. She had her first time, with Sean, a couple nights before, and I got the feeling that she thought they would be together forever. I felt kind of sad because of that. More than likely, Sean and Alex would break up in a couple of years, and even a bigger piece of her heart would belong to him.

I enjoyed the writing in this book a lot. The author did a really good job of getting into Alex's head and letting us see the thoughts behind her actions as well.

Overall, this was an okay read that I think romantics would enjoy. I'm looking forward to the next YA book by Tricia Mills and reading more of her writing.

My rating- 2/5 stars

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