Saturday, June 13, 2009

In My Mailbox (5)

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When I got home from camp, I was SO excited to see the books I got in my mailbox.

One book was Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev! I've read a couple reviews of this book, both of which were fabulous. The plot line isn't something I've heard much of, and it just looks fascinating! I'm hoping to get started on this tomorrow afternoon. I also really like the cover. The dress is gorgeous, Bertie has blue hair, and there are creatures flying around her head! It's gonna be fun.

The other book I received was Death By Denim by Linda Gerber! This is such a cute looking book! Aphra seems like a girl who can totally kick butt. If I'm thinking correctly, it's a mystery book. To be honest, I haven't many in the past, so I'm hoping I'll really enjoy this one.

On a side note, I recently got a Twitter account. Recently as in, so far I have updated twice. Anyway, I couldn't remember my password for the life of me, so I just spent twenty minutes trying to change it and log back in. Wow, I feel amazingly smart. :D My handle is @MelaniesMusings, and I'm hoping to use it more in the upcoming weeks, so feel free to follow!

Back to the main topic, both the books I got in my mailbox look great to me! What did you get?

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