Saturday, August 1, 2009

Courtesy of Pirate Penguin

Sandy, from Pirate Penguin Reads, interviewed me! It's a lot of fun, and you should try it. :)

Since I have Disney on the brain, which Disney princess would you switch places with and why?

I've always wanted to switch places with Jasmine. Flying around on a carpet sounds like a lot of fun!

You're innocently eating a taco when all of the sudden you're the size of a pixie! (I keep going back to Tinkerbell..forgive me, lol) What do you do now?

I finish eating my taco. I almost never eat alone, so one of my friends will have to feed me. I love tacos! The soft ones, not the hard ones.

You get to go to Europe! Yay! ...But you're not allowed to go via plane or boat. Think of a creative way to get to your destination.

One time, a friend of mine googled for directions to England. It told her to use a kayak. I love how it just assumes everyone owns a kayak. But yeah, kayaking sounds like a lot of fun.

You eat a cookie and its sweet taste reminds you of a favorite memory. What is it?

My all time favorite memory? That's a hard one. If it were a chocolate chip cookie, then probably my 15th birthday. It was just my parents and cousins, but we had an awesome time.

A cute little pirate penguin (hint hint)comes up to you and says hi. How do you respond? :)

Hmmm... Now, would this be a pirate dressed like a penguin or a penguin dressed like a pirate? Either way I would, of course, run up and give her a hug. :)

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