Monday, August 17, 2009

Lovestruck Summer by Melissa Walker

After graduating high school, Quinn is planning on the perfect summer. Staying with her cousin in Austin, interning at a hot recording studio; everything is set for Quinn to have an awesome time. However, things aren't turning out as planned. Her cousin turns out to be a prep, the recording studio doesn't need her, and she has a really obnoxious neighbor. Will anything happen to turn Quinn's summer around?

Lovestruck Summer was a perfect, quick summer read. The romance plot isn't very original, but the characters make up for it. Quinn is a pretty cool character and very realistic. At the beginning of the story, she's so judgemental often basing her view on people on how they look and act then sticking to that assumption and not going out of her way to really get to know people. She's fine with knowing people on the surface and not digging any deeper.

I loved the use of music in this book! I admit that I used to be a snob about the music I listen to. At times, I've resisted listening to music other than that which I already knew, just because it was different. Quinn's the exact same way. Only she's the opposite of me. Where I love country, she hates it and sticks to the bands she's loved for years. It was fun to watch her fight against being exposed to other musical influences.

If you're looking for a cute book that will leave you smiling, Lovestruck Summer could definitely be the book.

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