Saturday, September 5, 2009

ABC's of Me

I've seen this meme around, most recently at Sarbear's blog and thought it looked like fun.

Available or single? Single- I've got enough things to worry about without the added pressure of a guy.

Best Friend? One friend specifically comes to mind. I don't easily make friends, but once I do, I like to keep 'em!

Cake or Pie? Definitely cake. My favorites are German Chocolate and Cheesecake. Although Cheesecake usually looks like a pie...

Drink of choice? Sweet tea that's cold but no ice. I don't like ice in my drinks.

Essential item for every day use? I do my schoolwork and blogging all on my trusty laptop. I don't know what I'd do without it.

Favorite color? It's a toss-up between blood red and hunter green.

Google? I google stuff a lot. Sometimes I use Yahoo's search engine and occasionally Dogpile, but Google's my default.

Hometown? I'm still living in it. It's totally country, somewhat redneck. Jeff Foxworthy's jokes definitely hit home. Right now, I can literally hear a bunch of crickets outside my window.

Indulgences? Books and chocolate. Preferrably lots of both.

January or February? January- By the time February rolls around, I'm thinking about Spring too much instead of enjoying winter weather. February's usually colder, though.

Kids and their names? No kids currently. If that ever even happens, that's a LONG ways away.

Life is incomplete without…? Having people you can trust implicitly.

Marriage date? Marriage is a scary thought. I've seen so many fail. I love the fall, though, so probably then.

Number of siblings? I have absolutely none. I'm happily an only child.

Oranges or apples? Definitely apples because I hate the sticky stuff eating oranges leaves all over your hands.

Phobias and fears? I still have this odd fear of the dark. I think something really scared me as a small child, and I've never completely gotten over it. I don't mind it when someone's with me, but I hate being alone.

Quote for the day? Here's my favorite from Napoleon: "Great ambition is the passion of a great character. He who is endowed with it may perform either very great actions, or very bad ones; all depends upon the principles which direct him."

Reason to smile? I'm hopefully going to the beach sometime this weekend!

Season? Fall is my absolute favourite.

Unknown fact about me? I don't think many of my online friends know that I absolutely love riding horses. I have a horse, and Ranger's probably one of my best friends. :)

Vegetable you hate? Brussell Sprouts

Worst habit? I can be very easily annoyed, and I have a bad temper, at times.

X-rays you’ve had? My teeth?

Your fave food? I really like mangos. Oh, and mac & cheese!

Zodiac sign? Apparently it's Cancer? I don't know about that, though.

And now you know a little bit more about me. Feel free to post this yourself! I'd love to know more about you. : )

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