Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Thoughts On Wuthering Heights New Cover

Around the book blogging sphere, I've recently read several posts lamenting the new cover of Wuthering Heights.

These posts aren't attacking the cover itself, which I think is kind of pretty, but rather the words on that red sticker.
Yes, you read that right. It reads, "Bella and Edward's Favourite Book." At first, this seemed absolutely ridiculous to me, and I still have moments when I see the cover and shake my head. However, after thinking about it, I'm beginning to readjust my thoughts. This may not be so bad after all. Let me explain.

Obviously, a lot of people have read this saga and fallen in love with it. A lot of fans are almost literally obsessed. I personally enjoyed the series. I read it to entertain me, and it did. I know several people who don't like to read. Yet, they absolutely loved the series. Others have rediscovered their love of reading after reading the books. They've fallen in love with the characters, particularly Bella and Edward.

The point of this printing is to get these books into the hands of people who love Twilight, and I don't think that's such a bad idea, now. If you read this article on you'll see just how well this idea is working. Even though most people will pick up this book only because of its "endorsement" I think many will fall in love with Heathcliff and Catherine's story. Others will not be impressed, as shown in that same article. Regardless, a few more people will be just a bit more well read, all because of a sparkly vampire. And I think that's a good idea.

I'd really appreciate hearing your thoughts on this, for or against.

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