Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Ugly, The Bad, The Good, & The Best

The Ugly
On Saturday, I was excited to upload my first vlog. I left it for about an hour, and then I came back in to check on it. My computer had malfunctioned. Some thing's wrong with the CPU fan. That put me into major freak-out mode.

The Bad
I was still pretty determined to upload the vlog, so I went up to a friend's house to get it done. His computer wouldn't do it. I have no idea why. This also means I probably won't be around until it gets fixed.

The Good
My laptop's currently in the shop, and the tech guy says that there's a ninety percent chance he can fix it. Before it malfunctioned, I scheduled some posts to go with BBAW's daily blogging schedule, so the blog will still be up and running. When I get my 'puter back, I'm planning to just do a whole new vlog, for the past two weeks. That should be interesting. :)

The Best
I got a giant pillow. It's huge! Okay, maybe not huge, but it is pretty large. I love it! It's black. My computer malfunctioning may have been my mini-crisis, but it won't be gettin' me down!

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