Saturday, November 7, 2009

Breathing by Cheryl Renee Herbsman

Savannah's summer wasn't suppose to be unlike any of those that had passed before. As far as she knew, the only things she would be doing were keeping with her chores, her brother Doug, and her job at the library. Then she met Jackson. As she gets to know him, she becomes convinced that he's the one, but summer will not last forever.

YA romance books' endings always present a bit of a conundrum because it's always a bit harder for me to believe the ending. If the romance ends happily I always think that in a couple years, things will change. If it ends unhappily, I usually end up thinking that things can change. It's like my brain just doesn't want to believe what's on the page. This ending was like that for me.

Savannah could sometimes be a bit of an annoying character. You know how some girls meet a guy and then want to spend every single moment of every single day with them? She could be a bit like that. I've never felt that way about a guy, so I have to confess I rolled my eyes a couple of times. However, for the most part, I enjoyed her thoughts on life.

The thing that made this novel unique is the characters' speech. They're from the South, and the sound like it. I loved that part. I could definitely introduce you to a few friends that sound exactly like Savannah and Jackson. I've always felt that I was cheated. Even though I've lived in the South ever since I can remember, I don't have one! This is mainly due to the fact that neither of my parents have one, but still.... I've always thought Southern drawls sound so pretty.

Breathing* is definitely a worthwhile read. I loved how the author's bio talked of how she fell in love as a teenager and is now celebrating her twentieth anniversary with him. That sounds like a very interesting story.

This book was reviewed as part of One ARC Tours.

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