Friday, November 27, 2009

The Nanny Diaries starring Scarlett Johansson

I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday. As I said earlier in the week, I now have a review of The Nanny Diaries movie!

Annie has just graduated from college, and is ready to embark upon life. She gets an interview which will give her an opportunity to snag the perfect job. But when she is asked, "Who is Annie Braddock?" She really doesn't know the answer to that question. Determined to discover herself, through a few hilarious turns, she becomes a nanny for Mrs. X. It seems like an easy enough job to her. If only she knew!

This movie was a lot of fun, filled with both hilarious and sweet moments. It actually resolved my biggest irk with the book by giving most of the characters actual names, although you don't necessarily get to know them right away. The biggest change, in my opinion, from novel to screen is that instead of Annie being an experienced nanny, she's learning on the job! It was so much fun to watch.

The only thing I didn't absolutely love in this movie were the times when Annie grabbed onto a red umbrella and went up into the sky. I think it was supposed to give a magical Mary Poppins type feel to the movie, but I just thought it was odd.

I liked the ending to this movie much better than that of the book. It just solved everything the way I had hoped for. The Nanny Diaries* is one of those feel good coming of age stories that I think a lot of people will love.

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