Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Same Difference by Siobhan Vivian

Emily's life is pretty ordinary. She lives a privileged life in a gated community, with her best friend forever living right next to her. The majority of her summers have been spent lying and getting a tan with her friend, Meg, or going down to the very nearby Starbucks, where they always order the same things, but this summer is going to be a little different. She's heading into Philadelphia to pursue her new found love of art at a college that's having a summer art institute. While there, she discovers a whole new way to look at life, and suddenly her regular life doesn't seem that good anymore. But eventually she learns that her new life isn't perfect. She's split between two worlds, and she doesn't know if she can hang on to both.

Same Difference was a great book! I loved the title, writing, characters, and plot. What more can a reader ask for?

A particular plot point I enjoyed was watching Meg and Emily's relationship. They've been best friends for a really long time. Both of them go through a lot of growing pains through the summer. Emily's only at the art institute three days a week, so I actually got to see the character's struggle with each other as they try to keep their friendship together as they grow into the adults they will become.

Watching Emily blossom as an artist was also really cool. I have basically no artistic ability when it comes to painting or drawing, so reading about someone who is was a lot of fun.

This book is a wonderful coming of age story. It hosts a wonderful cast of characters who constantly surprised me. I definitely recommend you read Same Difference*.

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