Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sandy from Pirate Penguin's Reads

On this lovely day, I'm pleased to announce that Sandy, from Pirate Penguin's Reads, has stopped by! I "met" Sandy shortly after I started book blogging, and I can tell you she's a bunch of fun! Here we go:

Pirate Penguin's Reads

I know you've already told me, but I think the story's cute, so how did you come up with your blog name?

When I finally decided to create a blog, I originally wanted my blog name to have something to do with fairies (Love tinkerbell!). I had seen tons of blogs that had names like bookworm101, bookgirl, etc but I wanted something different. (Not that there's anything wrong with those names but I wanted something that reflected my personality a little better!) But then I saw that there were also a few blogs with the word fairy or pixie... As I was thinking about this, I happened to glance at my stuffed penguin (who I named Tobey ...yes, I still like toys!)that my mom had given me for my birthday (or Christmas. I can't exactly remember when! ;P) and I thought, PENGUIN! How random would that be?! And to make it sound cutesy-silly, I added pirate in front of it and viola! Pirate Penguin was created xD. I purposely made it that way since I wanted my blog name to be distinctive.

Why did you decide to do NaNoWriMo this year?

I've had an idea for a story in my head for a whole year but I was too scared to try to put it down on paper. (Dumb right?) My inner critic kept rolling her eyes at me, saying "it'll never go anywhere!" and I stupidly listened. Throughout my freshman and sophomore year in high school, I was into poetry and I had a lot of fun with it :) I'd always find inspiration everywhere I went but somewhere along the years I lost that... and then I started reviewing books, which is more analytical than poetical, so my writing style changed a little. I decided to try NaNoWriMo this year because I want to reclaim that spark I lost... and okay, maybe I'm hoping I'll write a novel. Whether it's fantastic or craptastic is something I'm trying not to think about xD

When you're not reading, you're...

doing college homework, reading people's blogs, writing reviews for my blog, procrastinating on said reviews/homework on twitter and trying to catch up on all the good shows that are airing right now! I've missed so many episodes of Vampire Diaries and Drop Dead Diva! This makes me sad T^T;

What's your favorite part about book blogging?

Meeting new bloggers and discovering new books. :) Did I mention contests? I love hosting and entering them x)

What's a not yet released book that you are dying to read?

There are tons I'm waiting for! A lot of tenners books, that's for sure! Also, Beautiful Creatures and Fallen... and Bumped, which is Megan McCafferty's latest project after finishing the Jessica Darling series.

If you could tell everyone to read one book, what book and why?

Just one? That's tough...but I'm going to have to go with Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty. The main character, Jessica Darling, has a razor-sharp wit, it's super funny but also very serious and it has Marcus Flutie...who is my literary crush of all time! ;)

Thanks a bunch, Sandy! Everyone, be sure to check out Pirate Penguin's Reads. Remember, if you'd like to be interviewed, email me at

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