Friday, May 15, 2009

A List

The rest of the trip went really well. After leaving St. Augustine, we drove up to Brunswick, Georgia stopped in a motel, got up the next morning, went to visit St. Simon's Island, drove to Waycross, Georgia, went to the Okefenokee swamps, took a boat ride through the swamps, and now are on our way home! Oh, and of course we stopped along the way to eat. Whenever a trip ends, I like to think over it. Ready?

1. I can read in the car! Woot! I was so excited. In the past, I've only been able to read in a moving vehicle for a few minutes at a time, but I actually ended up reading the rest of Eldest, in just a couple hours time! This is an incredibly epic discovery! :D

2. Although I love the 19th century and have often wished I could visit, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near St. John's County Jail. Dark and bleak.

3. Life goes by way to fast. I mean, we went to visit a cemetery (people written in a book by Eugenia Price are buried there) and I hardly knew any names. The majority of people are born, live, die, and are forgotten once friends and family die. Kind of made me want to be one to be remembered.

4. When Ponce de Leon landed, he claimed all of North America for Spain. Who knew?

5. "La Florida" means land of the flowers. Very fitting.

6. Shoney's has some really good strawberry pie.

7. The beds at the motels we stayed at are much more comfortable than mine at home. Not fair!

8. I can do some seriously sleeping while on wheels. Like, four hours.

9. Do not wear sandals while riding on a boat through a swamp! The yellow flies and mosquitoes will EAT you!

And finally...

10. Life is good. Seriously. I'm blessed.

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