Thursday, May 21, 2009

Where do you read?

So, I'm prety sure everyone who reads has at least a few spots where, if they have the choice, they especially like to read.

For me, I like reading on my bed, mostly in the evenings. I'll push my pillows against the wall, sit up, and just relax for a while, book in hand.

Other times, I like to go out to the pasture where my horse stays and take a book with me. No, I don't sit on him while I read. However, it's such a calming atmosphere. Ranger might walk up to me every once in a while, pushing his nose so I'll pet him, or he might perpetually eat grass. It depends on his mood. Sometimes, when he's in a mischievious mood, he might try to snatch the book out of my hand. Thankfully, he hasn't succeeded, thus far. I can only imagine chasing him around the pasture, arms waving, yelling, "GIMME MY BOOK!"

Anyway, those are my top two places I like to read. What about you? What's your favorite reading spot?

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