Friday, August 28, 2009

Wuthering Heights (Movie)

I had forgotten how creepy the book was when I picked up this movie at the library. Before you read this review there are two things you should know about me: I'm a visual learner, and I'm also very squeamish about things that may or may not exist. Ghosts, etc. After actually seeing Cathy being a ghost messed with my mind. So much so that the night after I watched it I jolted awake, absolutely certain that she was going to get me. Thinking back, it was a bit pathetic considering that Cathy's presence as a ghost doesn't even take up the majority of the movie, but it happened, nonetheless.

The one question that came into my mind as I read the book popped up once again as I watched the movie. Who deserves happiness? Is it reserved only for the relatively good people, or are evil people entitled to it as well? Heatchliff and Catherine's romance is one that is intriguing to watch develop.

I really liked the actors in this movie, especially the young Heathcliff. The young boy perfectly captured the way I imagined a gypsy appearance. Everyone is very convincing in their roles. I think that is the reason why I got scared out of my mind.

Wuthering Heights is a story that I will always remember, and this adaptation stayed close and true to the novel. Not to mention that I absolutely love the ending.

This movie was reviewed as part of The Gothic Film Club, being hosted by Write For a Reader through the month of August. It's sponsored by Michelle Zink author of Prophecy of the Sisters.

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