Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sing Me to Sleep by Angela Morrison

Beth's first memory is of being called "damn ugly" by her father. She's come to accept it, and lies low at school, trying to stay out of the way. There is one thing that Beth knows she can do. She can sing. When she lands the solo part in the 80 girl choir she's a part of, things change. After a massive makeover, Beth's physical beauty comes to the surface. Scott, Beth's only friend before the make-over, says she looked fine before, but Beth knows that's not true.

Things keep getting better for Beth when her choir goes to Switzerland to compete in an international competition. She meets Derek who's incredibly handsome and charming. She falls in love.

But life can't be a fairytale forever. When she returns home, Scott makes a confession. One that leaves her feeling torn. To top it all off, she's sure Derek's keeping a secret, but she has no idea what it is.

Sing Me to Sleep is the kind of book that will stay in your mind for quite a while. While I was reading it, I spent a lot of time speculating over what the ending would bring. When I finished, I went over the ending again and again in my mind, trying to sort through my feelings over it. It is a captivating story with characters that you can't help but feel for.

That said, it wasn't a perfect book. There's so much going on. Beth's romance with Derek, singing, her relationship with her mother, Scott, and her self confidence. Some things didn't have as much of an ending as I would have liked, especially Beth finding peace within herself.

However, that was basically the only qualm I had with this book. It's a lovely story with strong yet completely human characters. One that made me smile, then feel like I wanted to cry.

Sing Me to Sleep by Angela Morrison will be released on March 4th by Razorbill.

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