Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Interview with Estevan Vega

Hi guys and gals! Today, I have an interview with Estevan Vega, author of Arson. Hope you enjoy!

Can you start a fire with only sticks?

Haha. I am probably the most campfire challenged person you'd know. I'm not crazy into the whole idea of sleeping under the stars with spiders and various rodents skulking about. But I usually stick with matches or the occasional Zippo. Or, you know, I just get Arson to do it.

If you had the ability to create either fire or ice with your mind, which would you choose?

Man, that's a hard one. I mean I saw X-Men and Ice Man won the fight against Pyro, so maybe ice would be a cool power. I mean, you wouldn't ever get pneumonia probably, and if, by the rare and ridiculous chance I had a craving to climb mount Everest, I'd be set for sure. I could hang around with any sub-zero temperature female and it wouldn't bother me. And I wonder if ice-starters get colds or sore throats or whatever. Hmmm...All in all...I'd probably still go with fire.

If a fire were to start where you live, what would you grab on your way out of the building?

My computer, because it probably has a bunch of stuff on it that I would need, like future books or ideas for books, short stories, lyrics or poetry, and a crapload of music and movies. My wallet, because I wouldn't want the hassle of going to the DMV or getting new credit cards. Man, I wish I had more valuable stuff. This makes me seem lame.

Would you rather be inside with a fire going in the fireplace or outside with a fire going?

It all depends on the night. I mean, on a cold, wintry night, I love sitting by the fire, very author-ly, of course, with my legs crossed and a seriously cool countenance. But I also love sitting around a fire outside on a summer or fall night. S'mores definitely rock. I love the way the fire feels on my face when I'm a few feet away, or having conversations that in the middle of you start to tear for no other reason than the heat. It's crazy. But also kinda cool. I think as long as people are around I'm down for either. But if I had to choose which is better, probably the outside fire...so long as no brawls ensue.

Where do you see yourself as an author in five years?

Oh, man, this question is dangerous. It's one of those things you fear to answer wondering if anything you plan will actually happen. In five years I'll be 26, and close to checking into the old-folks home. I mean, I would've already been given my first cane, for heaven's sake. I'll only have a few decent years left before senility. Honestly, I hope to make the best-seller list, any of them will do. I think I'd like to be married and just loving my wife, not worrying about stupid bills like my family. It would rock to get a movie deal too. But I think more than these things, I'd like to see my family go back to how it used to be...before the massive amounts of dysfunction. Well, sorta.

Thanks, Estevan.

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