Monday, May 3, 2010

Something Like Fate by Susane Colasanti

Lani and Erin are complete opposites, yet they're also best friends. Lately, Lani hasn't been hanging out with the same group so much, and she feels as if they're sort growing apart. Little does she know when Erin starts to date Jason that something will happen that could tear them apart forever.

As someone who's been brought up to think that horoscopes, tarot cards, and palm readings are nothing but bunches of hog wash, it was really interesting to read about Lani's exploits in that area. After all, who's to say it's completely impossible?

Lani's voice is an accurate portrayal of many teen girls I know, and the dialogue in this book is something I can imagine actually taking place. She even has an irritating way of saying "like" too much. That's a habit I'm trying to break myself of right now!

I didn't really like Erin that much. She's very melodramatic and sometimes just plain mean. Jason was nice enough, although I wasn't completely smitten with him. Sometimes I felt he was a bit cowardly about some things. I think I would have liked him a bit more if he'd been a little braver. Conner was the boy that I ended up really liking. He was sweet and funny and did whatever he could to help Lani. Blake, Lani's friend who's gay, has a lot of strength. I would love to have a friend like him.

In the end, this book addresses the issue of just how far loyalty should go between friends. Do you keep the boy and lose the friend, or lose the boy and hope you keep the friend? Or maybe just do what you can then leave it up to fate.

Something Like Fate* releases tomorrow on May 4th, so you can find out then!

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