Saturday, November 14, 2009

Slept Away by Julie Kraut

Laney Parker wasn't sure what she wanted to do for the summer. One thing that definitely wasn't on her list was summer camp, but that's exactly where she's headed, thanks to her mother. Laney is off for six weeks of living in an unair-conditioned cabin with one overly peppy counselor and a few cabin mates would probably rather have her disappear. How will she manage to survive?

I've always loved summer camp. Every once in a while there's someone who lets it be known by their attitude and actions that they would rather be anywhere else... Someone like Laney. During the time where she was whining about being stuck at camp, which was pretty often, she was intensely annoying. However, when her mind was on something else I actually ended up liking her. I can say one thing for sure. She is very, very melodramatic.

Seeing camp through her eyes was interesting, to say the least.

My favorite character in the book would have to by Laney's best friend. You don't get to see much of her since she stays in NYC, but from what I did see, she seemed to be the model socialite. Plus, she spends the summer recovering from a nose job she had. I didn't know that it was even legal to have that type of surgery done before you were eighteen, like a tattoo. I would have liked to see a bit more of her.

Overall, Slept Away* was a pretty cool read, despite its rather annoying protagonist. I think that Julie Kraut's book will appeal to those looking for a quick, summery type read. I think that that reading this book will help you get into a summery mood, even as the weather grows colder.

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