Monday, May 4, 2009

Ana's Story by Jenna Bush

My summary: Ana’s Story tells of one girls’ journey through life. Infected with HIV from birth, she goes through childhood keeping secrets about the disease she carries and the abuse she suffers. Moving from home to home, she never finds the love she so desperately needs. Then she meets Berto. She trusts him, and this trust leads her to new pain, sorrow, hope, and joy.

My review: This book was painful, enlightening, and ultimately hopeful. Painful because you could feel Ana’s. Every time she was hit or abused you could see her pain. It was enlightening because you could see how Ana’s actions radically changed her life. Just one time, doing what made her happy, changed her life forever. And hopeful, because at the end of the book, you know that Ana’s story will continue, unfolding day by day. You hope that her life will get better, and she will overcome, breaking the vicious cycle of abuse. The author really pulled me into the story, making me wonder how one person could endure so much.

A cool thing I enjoyed about this book were the photos that appeared throughout. They livened up the book a lot, helping to bring the story to life, and provided visuals that you don't often receive in books.

Overall, this is a good book that many should read. The discussion questions in the back would make it ideal for a book club.

My rating is- 3/5 stars

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