Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albrom

Eddie is 83 years old. For years he's been the maintenance man at Ruby Pier. His routine is the same, day after day. Then one day he dies, trying to save a young girl. From there, he doesn't go to Heaven, as he expects, but instead goes on a journey meeting five people who's lives he has influenced and have influenced him. Through this journey, he sees the meaning in his own life and gives closure to others.

The writing in this book was fabulous. It's simple, and it rolls at an easy pace, tugging the reader along with it. It was very easy to follow, even with the occasional flashback.

The characterization was great! I know I really felt Eddie's pain and confusion as he went on this journey, learning things about others and himself that he never knew. All of the minor characters were well developed as well. I certainly didn't find out everything about them, but I knew enough to realize their contribution to Eddie's life and Eddie's life to theirs.

The ending of the story fit very well. I was kind of worried about it because I wasn't sure what to expect, at all! I was suprised how it ended, in the best way possible. You know that feeling you get when you end a book, and it feels so right? Like the story ended exactly as it should? That's how I felt when I ended this is story.

Overall, this is a great read that you should definitely give a try. I think you'll enjoy it!

My rating-4/5 stars

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