Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Muchacho by LouAnne Johnson

Eddie Corazon sees no hope, no future. A juvenile delinquent living in a bad neighborhood, he’s a junior only because he promised his mami he wouldn’t drop out. He’ll probably end up failing, anyway. But then things begin to change. First comes Mrs. Beecher who, before she was fired, showed him that there just might be a better way. Then comes Lupe. The most beautiful girl Eddie has ever seen and also the smartest. She has plans for her life and, slowly, Eddie begins to see that he too can have plans and make them realities.

Eddie was a very complex character. It was great to see how his mind worked. To live in a world where saying no can get you killed, going through everyday with a façade so people won’t see who you really are, takes a lot more then I’ve got. The thing I liked most about Eddie was his honesty. He talked about things the way he saw them. Yes, it did, at times, include cussing and sexual references, but those moments helped flesh out who Eddie really was and showed his outlook on life.

Eddie and Lupe’s relationship was interesting to watch throughout the book. At first, I thought it was just a case of average teenage lust, but as the book went along, it was clear to see that it was more than that. It was love. They really do care for each other. Will they stay together forever? Probably not. They are, after all, just a couple of high school kids trying to figure out their lives. Lupe makes Eddie think. She makes him question things that he just assumed. He, in turn, provides her someone she can talk to, openly.

Overall, Muchacho was a pretty good book. It didn’t leap off the page for me, but it was a satisfying read. It will be released on September 9.

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