Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Under this Unbroken Sky by Shandi Mitchell

Two families
Anna and Teodor are brother and sister. They have survived many things. Now each have families of their own. Teodor has a wife and ive kids, Anna- a husband and two.

One piece of land
It is Anna's by law, Teodor's by right. It will change their lives forever, if they manage to survive.

The setting of this book was what initially drew me in. Picture Ukrainian immigrants in Canada during 1938, All they have is each other and the land. The first couple of chapters were interesting, but it took me a few more chapters before I really settled into the story. The book was very thought provoking. I found myself reading a few chapters, putting it down, thinking about what I'd read, then eagerly picking it up again.

What I found most fascinating about this story was the detail in the writing. The author would pay attention to the seemingly miniscule things. Things like the children's joy while playing in the snow or a cat chasing after a mouse in the barn. At first, I was a bit mystified by these scenes ut soon they came to be my favoorites. The attention to the small, relatively unimportant things drew me in and kept me reading.

Under This Unbroken Sky was an intriguing read. The combination of a constantly evolving plot, great characterization, and fabulous writing make this book a very worthwhile read.

This book will be released on September 9th. I highly suggest you give this book a try.

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