Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy by Sharon Lathan

Darcy and Elizabeth have gone through a lot because of each other. Misunderstandings have caused much pain. Now, they are finally married and set off on a journey that will last a lifetime.

Although I was very excited to read this book, I was also a bit apprehensive. It's clear that this is a happily ever after tale, and sometimes I can be a bit of a cynic. Could Darcy and Elizabeth really be happy? This book won me over completely. When I read this book I was in the perfect mood and found myself quite happily whisked away on this adventure.

The first part of the novel is simply the two newlyweds getting to know each other. This was my favorite part of the book. During this time, the plot moved along at a slow, leisurely pace. Then, things started to pick up a bit. An antagonist is introduced. You get a feeling something big is going to happen, and it does.

Simply put, this book made me smile. It was fun to see Darcy and Elizabeth get to know each other. They are two bright, intelligent people, equals. It's more of a sequel to the 2005 version of the movie than the book. Lathan goes as far to moving the proposal scene to a meadow, and there is another scene reminiscent of the final scene in the movie. The characters, however, remain true. Darcy is very much Darcy, and Elizabeth is still Lizzy. Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcyis a great start to the author's Darcy Saga, and I look forward to reading the books that follow.

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