Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Northanger Abbey (Movie)

Catherine Morland has lived a quiet life with her many brothers and sisters in the country. Only in the books she reads does she experience love, scandal, and excitement. When she is invited to go to Bath with friends of her family she is eager to indulge in all society has to offer. She soon befriends the Tilneys and is invited to their home, Northanger Abbey. There her imaginative mind runs wild and she begins to suspect things of the place and the people that live there that may be true. Or not.

It has been awhile since I've read the book that this movie was based on, and I although I could remember the ending I couldn't remember very many of the particulars. I believe I found myself a bit more intrigued because I was once again being introduced to the story.

The abbey was just as I'd always pictured it. Dark and menacing. I can definitely see why, in such a place, Catherine was afraid when she went to bed at night. The setting throughout the entire book was so fitting.

The actors in this movie did a great job bringing the book to life. Catherine was so eager to make friends and keep them. Henrey Tilney was so interesting. He definitely made me laugh a couple times when he teased his sister and Catherine. I found myself liking the people I was supposed to like and disliking those I was supposed to hate.

The ending was not as I'd always pictured it, but it was still sweet. Overall, it was so cute, and I very much enjoyed it. Northanger Abbey was a delightful movie to watch.

My rating- 4/5 stars

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